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Sample Research Essay on Bullying Alongside Writing Tips

A research essay is a piece of academic writing in which the author would explain a particular subject based on his/her in-depth research on the particular topic. The students are required to write a research paper for their term paper or final project. A professional essay writer can take care of all your writing needs.

To some extent research paper and a research essay are the same as both types of academic writing are based on scientific research and provide knowledge on the particular subject.

However, the research essay is to prove students’ ability and capability to give an opinion on a particular subject whereas a research paper is to examine, analyze, and make a conclusion based on that regarding a particular subject/ topic.

The components of a research essay are also quite different from that of the research paper. A research paper consists of various individual sections with proper headings. Whereas a research essay does not require any heading and consists of 5-7 overall paragraphs.

A research paper requires a methodology section, whereas a research essay does not require it. However, the overall structure consists of three main parts: an introduction that ends with stating a strong and valid thesis statement, the body of the essay that would contain 5-7 paragraphs, and finally a comprehensive conclusion in the end.

Tips to write a perfect research essay on bullying

Find a source that will provide you with sufficient information about the subject. You are required to use scholarly sources in schools and universities. As a result, make sure you don't get information from a source that isn't trustworthy or real.

Use related terms to find a source that is appropriate and relevant. For example, you can enter in keywords like "bullying," "bullies", “anti-bullying” and so on while writing a research essay on bullying. It will assist you in locating the most relevant sources for your topic.

While searching for the information or ideas related to the topic, make sure you make side notes that assist your arguments. It will make the process of writing more effective and efficient

Make sure to cite your references properly and are taken from authentic sources. Otherwise, your work would be considered as plagiarism that is not accepted in an academic period. Due to this factor, students find it hard to write a good and comprehensive research essay that is not plagiarized; however, you can place your order at a writing service company where your requests to “write my essay” are fulfilled

To fully demonstrate a research essay, the following is an example of what should be added in your research essay on the topic of “bullying”

Develop a comprehensive outline for your essay. It will make things easier and provide you with an overview of the essay. A bullying essay outline will include the following components alongside what content should be added in the various sections.

Thesis statement

Before writing anything else you need to do extensive research on the topic and understand the importance and aspects associated with the topic of bullying. Considering all the background information, develop a strong thesis statement related to the topic “bullying”. For instance, “Bullying becomes a growing concern in our society, affecting the physical and emotional well-being of young people” could be an example. Developing a comprehensive thesis statement is the most important part for an essay writer. A strong and clear thesis statement would be helpful to comprehend your essay more effectively.


Your introduction must be eye-catching and instantly grab the reader’s attention as soon as they read this part. It should give an overall preview of what you are going to discuss further in the essay. The outline for the introduction of the research essay on bullying may include the following aspects

  • Define the term bullying

  • Prevalence rate

  • Communities or places where bullying is common

  • Factors that contribute to bullying

  • Negative impacts

Make sure when you write the introduction of the essay you do not disclose all the information at once. This is not considered a good practice hence it should be avoided. Once you get done with documenting the related background information you need to add the thesis statement now to give a good ending to your introduction part. You can consult a write my essay for me service for help.

Body paragraphs

The body of the essay would include 4-5 paragraphs. Each paragraph will represent a unique idea and further comprehend the thesis statement. Make sure to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The outline may include the following key points

  • Bullying a factor contributing to depression in young people

  • Bullying is an obstacle to success

  • Physical impacts of bullying

  • Bullying negatively impact the well-being of mental health

When writing the body paragraph, you should add sufficient evidence that supports the incorporated information. Make sure to give a brief analysis of the evidence to make things clear and easy to understand for your audience. In conclusion, do not forget to comprehend the fact that how the documented information relates back to the thesis statement.


In conclusion, restate your thesis statement. Summarize all your main ideas. The information must relate back to the thesis statement. List negative implications of bullying and provide recommendations on how to handle this problem efficiently and effectively.

After developing the outline now start writing your final draft of your research essay incorporating all the points. After writing the research essay, give it a good read. After several rounds of changes, proofreading, and editing, the final manuscript is ready. Check your essay for any grammatical errors. Get it checked from an online essay writing service that assures the paper is of the highest quality and free of errors.

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