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i think i know a guy that is the lead developer of the 2fisrnt project... jack, maybe the #kubuntu channel is more helpfull OerHeks: oh thanks jack, i was able to run apache2.2 with mime_magic support installed jack, and a module called mod_so too hiii ubuntuaddicted: is there a way to enable it without apache? i only see 2 fisrnt (filesystem* sorry i'm not really good with linux/nix what does this mean on apt-get dist-upgrade: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. got it jack, yeah, why not LobsterMouth: its a distribution upgrade, not an upgrade of an application i'm using ubuntu 16.04.2 what should i do? ubuntuaddicted: i managed to get it installed LobsterMouth: if you're on 16.04, what version of ubuntu i just did apt-get install libapache2-mod-httpd and then restarted apache Ben64, right. i believe it's just a distribution upgrade. i.e. ubuntu LTS to the latest. LobsterMouth, those are not real errors, just warnings if thats not what you were after. i guess i can shut up now. nice finding that module i have ubuntu 16.04.2 i think i might try and get the debian packages for this module i don't really have an interest in compiling from source LobsterMouth: what version it should be in the repos though 16.04.2 is that not latest?



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Easy Chords 0.95 For Winamp.rar enrvan

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