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EMYoga offers easy-to-learn energy medicine techniques that can be done on their own or incorporated into a regular yoga practice to help achieve energy, vitality and balance in a brand new way.  


All of the courses listed below can be taken by beginners or more advanced yoga practitioners.  We now offer both online courses and classes with EMYoga teachers located near you!

Morning Light

The EMYoga
Wake Up

This powerful daily practice will help you get your day started off on the right foot.  It will quickly get your energies running forward and crossing over.  The two of the most important energetic patterns for lasting health.

Outdoor Fitness

Intro to EMYoga

A 5-day introductory course that teaches you simple potent EMYoga techniques to activate your energies, so they are working in accord with their natural flow and rhythm, bringing the body back into full coherence.

Yoga at Home

The EMYoga
Online Store

Visit our Store for a wide variety of online EMYoga classes, meditations, courses and learning materials today.  There is something for everyone. 


What are you interested in?

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