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Are you new to Energy Medicine Yoga?

Here’s a great way to get started…

The EMYoga Wake Up Bundle

This short but powerful routine is the way all EMYoga classes and courses begin. 

This curated practice gives you the 5 most important steps to get your energy working for you and teaches you how and why to implement them into your day. 

You can do the Wake Up at the start of any kind of yoga or other practice that you do.  We recommend you start your day with it. 

If you do nothing else in the EMYoga world, we highly suggest you do this practice.  It will give you a powerful leg up in getting your body/mind to start working more efficiently and holistically.


Intro to EMYoga

The next step is going a little deeper into the theories of EMYoga and a few more simple but powerful practices to get this system into your body. 

A short, five day/module course, this will introduce you to some of the systems of EMYoga as well as give you short, easy to understand, daily practices to expand your understanding of how energy works in the body.

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Five Element Flow and Video Guide

One of the things people love most about EMYoga is that it understands you as a complete person, including that you have complex and constantly changing emotional lives.

Our emotions are powerful movers and holders of energy.  In this short practice, you will learn the overarching emotions and how to release and transmute the very powerful energy they hold.

This practice isn’t long, which is why we suggest you incorporate it into your practice at least a couple times a week. Some of you might love it enough to do it daily!

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The 30 Minute or 60 Minute Essential Practice

In these two videos, Lauren will guide you through the ‘Essential’ practice. This practice covers a wide variety of energy techniques that affect every system of the body. 

Without having to go through an exhaustive list of issues and challenges, the essential practice gives your body a thorough, in depth experience of an EMYoga practice.

This is one you will want to do over and over again.


Check out our
Ageless Practices for Longevity Bundle

Lauren will personally guide you through 3 full practices, a balancing class, a chair practice and a mat class, as well as a lecture designed to regain and improve your balance and agility.

Many factors contribute to the decline of balance, such as muscle weakness, vision, inner ear issues, and even certain medications.

Lauren will instruct this standing practice with the use of a chair to help build your strength and your confidence as you slowly and gently follow along.

Classic standing postures are paired with Eden Energy Medicine techniques to not only promote strong bones and maintain balance, but to also strengthen the immune, endocrine, digestive, and lymphatic systems of the body.

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Are you interested in Longevity? 

Prenatal Mediation

Are you starting your family?

Check out our
Prenatal EMYoga Bundle

Lauren, the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, will personally guide you through three prenatal practices, including a breathing practice, specifically designed to support you throughout these sacred, yet challenging nine months.

Energy Medicine techniques woven into classic standing yoga postures will nourish the yin energies of the body to support your immune system, release the emotional energy of worry and fear, and calm the stress responses of the body to keep you balanced, centered and grounded

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