An ancient spiritual practice including physical 

postures, breath work, and meditation for overall wellness - mind, body and spirit.

Time-honored techniques to balance and align your energy field, boost the body's healing power, and alleviate physical and emotional issues.

Integrates Energy Medicine and yoga to amplify the benefits of your yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it.  For beginners and experts alike; fits in to any yoga style. 

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Energy Medicine Yoga integrates yoga and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to greatly increase your strength, health and resiliency.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction and/or pain, or would simply like more joy, vitality and contentment in your life - EMYoga can help.

Did you know your body has NINE energy systems? If you practice traditional yoga you are probably addressing just one (the chakras).  

EMYoga weaves ancient lost techniques with new powerful tools to balance all nine of these systems. When in balance, they help to keep you strong, vital, healthy and focused; and especially address your immune, endocrine and lymphatic systems. 

One of the many benefits of EMYoga is that it greatly enhances a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. By incorporating our simple techniques into your existing discipline, or doing them on their own, you can achieve energy, vitality and balance in a brand new way.

Additionally, EEM, the practice on which EMYoga is based, currently has more than 1,500 certified Energy Medicine healers across the globe. So, if there’s an issue you feel you can't work out on your own, you can reach out to a member of the EEM worldwide network to support your healing journey.  This makes EMYoga the only yoga style in the world backed by its own healthcare system.

Energy affects everything - including how you think and feel about your body, mind, and life.  The result is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself.  From that place, all healing, transformation, contentment, and peace are possible.

Energy Medicine Yoga

It is yoga . . . electrified!

Energy Medicine Yoga is an integrative practice weaving ancient healing methods and modern science into the context of a yoga practice to activate and organize our energy for optimal health and wellbeing.  It does not diagnose or treat illness, disease or physical and mental disorders.