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The TRUTH About Yoga

  1. You DO NOT need to be flexible or athletic. Yoga is for people of all levels & abilities

  2. Yoga is non-denominational, even though it began as a Hindu discipline

  3. The physical & mental benefits are most important

Myths About Yoga

  1. You need to be flexible and/or athletic to practice yoga

  2. Yoga is a religion

  3. You have to be spiritual to practice yoga

The word yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, means "to yoke", and is often interpreted as "union"or a method of connection to every living thing and the self.   

The Indian sage Patanjali is believed to have collated the practice of yoga into the Yoga Sutra approximately 2,000 years ago. The Sutra is a collection of 195 statements that serves as a philosophical guidebook for most of the yoga that is practiced today. It also outlines the eight limbs of yoga: the Yamas (restraints), niyamas (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), dharana (concentration), dhyani (meditation), and samadhi (absorption).  ​By exploring these eight limbs, yoga practitioners begin to refine their behavior in the outer world, and focus inwardly until they reach samadhi (liberation, enlightenment).

Today, most people in the Western world practice the third limb, asana, which refers to the physical postures or poses designed to purify the body and provide the physcial strength and stamina required for long periods of meditation



Is Yoga Electrified!

Energy Medicine Yoga integrates yoga and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to greatly increase your strength, health and resiliency.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction and/or pain, or would simply like more joy, vitality and contentment in your life - EMYoga can help.

Did you know your body has NINE energy systems? If you practice traditional yoga you are probably addressing just one (the chakras).  

EMYoga weaves ancient lost techniques with new powerful tools to balance all nine of these systems. When in balance, they help to keep you strong, vital, healthy and focused; and especially address your immune, endocrine and lymphatic systems. 

One of the many benefits of EMYoga is that it greatly enhances a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. By incorporating our simple techniques into your existing discipline, or doing them on their own, you can achieve energy, vitality and balance in a brand new way.

Additionally, EEM, the practice on which EMYoga is based, currently has more than 1,500 certified Energy Medicine healers across the globe. So, if there’s an issue you feel you can't work out on your own, you can reach out to a member of the EEM worldwide network to support your healing journey.  This makes EMYoga the only yoga style in the world backed by its own healthcare system.

Energy affects everything - including how you think and feel about your body, mind, and life. The result is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself.  From that place, all healing, transformation, contentment, and peace are possible.

Founded by Donna Eden the award-winner author and master teacher, Eden Energy Medicine utilizes techniques from time-honoured traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong to activate and balance the body's natural healing energies.  In doing so, Eden Energy Medicine helps increase vitality, strength, resilience and joy.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) teaches you to understand and work with your own innate energy.  Every part of your physcial, emotional and mental systems are made up of energy, so learning the language of energy will help you heal and harmonize your body, mind and spirit.

Lauren Walker, founder of EMYoga and Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine

Anyone can learn this powerful and non-invasive practice.  Current and past students include:

  • People who want to study techniques to help themselves, their family, or a close friend

  • Massage therapists, nurses, acupuncturists, doctors, and others in existing healthcare careers who are looking to supplement and enhance their training

  • People of all ages and all walks of life who want to embark on a career in Energy Medicine.

Eden Energy Medicine has been lauded by experts and patients alike.  There are over 1500 Eden Energy Medicine practitioners around the world.  Find one near you to experience the restoring and regenerative power of Eden Energy Medicine.




is the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga). While teaching at Norwich University, the oldest, private military college in the country, her goal was to help students find balance and have more ease and calm in their lives. The huge success of her work there led directly to the publication of her first book.


Lauren is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (Sounds True, 2014), The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription (Sounds True, 2017) and  The Energy to Heal: Find Lasting Freedom From Stress and Trauma Through Energy Medicine Yoga (Llewellyn, 2022). She’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997.

Lauren teaches EMYoga across the United States and internationally and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra+, Yoga Digest, and The New York Times. She also trains teachers to teach her highly intuitive, simple healing method. 

EMYoga is compatible with all types of yoga and can be learned by beginning and expert yoga practitioners. 




Lauren was raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, and had an early love for the arts. She published her first poem at age eleven. She went to NYU and majored first in theatre at Tisch School of the Arts and then moved on to graduate with a degree in English and creative writing from the Gallatin Division. She turned down a fellowship in publishing to travel the world and gain a different kind of education. During her travels she worked in various countries, including teaching snowboarding in New Zealand and Montana and selling chocolate brownies in Ecuador.

She returned to New York City in 1996, and began work on a novel. Her roommate gave her a flyer for a yoga studio in the neighborhood so

EMYoga Meditation.jpg

she could do some form of exercise. Lauren had always thought yoga was snore-bore, until she stepped foot into the Jivamukti yoga studio on Second Avenue; her life was forever changed. After completing a yoga teacher training program in 1997, she taught yoga in New York City at Integral Yoga Ashram in the West Village, before relocating to Montana and beginning to teach classes there.

After moving back to Montana, Lauren founded the first yoga studio in Northwest Montana, Satsang Yoga Center, before dissolving it and relocating to Canada as a war protester. In her first winter in Canada, her yoga teacher, Mary-Jo Fetterly, had a ski accident that left her a quadraplegic. This event along with the dissolution of her own studio, made Lauren re-evaluate her life, and she stopped teaching yoga for the next seven years. During this time she pursued her passion for the arts; continuing to write novels and screenplays, play in a folk band, and train as a sculptural welder. She also continued traveling the globe, spending time in New Zealand, Europe, Alaska, and the far northern reaches of Canada. She spent time immersed in the primitive skills practices of Tom Brown Jr., studying at his schools in California and New Jersey. She also discovered the work of Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, and began her lifelong immersion into Donna’s work.

With the election of Barack Obama, she moved back to the United States, to a tiny town in Vermont, where she started teaching again at Norwich University.  The experience there changed her life, renewing her devotion to the transformative power of yoga. She put to use her diverse and eclectic background to create a program that the young men and women of Norwich could use on their own journeys in the world. That program became Energy Medicine Yoga.

The current turmoil in the world only further informs the practice of EMYoga. Lauren continues to share this work with the goal of helping every individual find their own inner healing, personal power, and gifts to share; helping each find contentment and peace.

With the success of EMYoga, Lauren has put her attention on teaching, training teachers, and sharing the powerful and simple tools that she’s gained over the years. She is passionate about healing, building a toxic-free world, and reversing the effects of global warming. Without a healthy environment, we have nothing!


Click here to find her schedule of upcoming events and classes.

EMYoga is yoga electrified!

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