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The Energy to Heal

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Interview on Dr. John Douillard's LifeSpa Podcast, Published online May 5, 2022

How The Earth Herself, Can Help You Heal. You Just Have To Commit!
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Interview by fellow author, Hilary Crowley, May 12, 2022 (Warwick's Bookstore)

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Episode 127, November 14, 2022

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November 28, 2022

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Posted December 8, 2022

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Advance Praise for the Book

"If there was ever a time for a book about healing from trauma, it’s now. And lucky for us Lauren Walker has written just that book, offering hope and strategies for everyone who feels lost or broken."  
- Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle and Comfort: A Journey Through Grief

"No matter what hardships you’re enduring, or trauma you’re carrying around, this book promises the freedom of release, restoration, and renewal. Concepts and exercises are beautiful and potent, and Lauren’s kind and informed personality shines brightly throughout. As you embrace and move through the incredible healing program offered in The Energy to Heal, the only question that will remain is this: What are you going to do with your new butterfly wings?" 

 - Cyndi Dale, author of 30 internationally renowned books about energy medicine

"Lauren Walker is the pioneer in melding Eden Energy Medicine with the ancient, sacred practice of Yoga.  In this, her 3rd book on the topic, she skillfully shows you how to use EMYoga to tame the emotions that get in everyone’s way while utilizing the power of the method for cultivating a more enriching and fulfilling life.” 


David Feinstein, Ph.D. Co-author, with Donna Eden of The Promise of Energy Psychology and The Energies of Love

“Read this book! The Energy to Heal is the most impactful tool out there. Lauren Walker’s clear and courageous voice will accompany you on your brave journey to ultimate wellness. In these pages, Lauren teaches us how to stop the cycle of trauma for the health of our bodies and our world. Everybody needs this book on their shelf.” 


- Hilary Crowley, author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health 

"Biopsychosocial stress and trauma are epidemic in today's society. People desperately need tools to cope. Lauren Walker offers a valuable self-help approach in her new book, The Energy To Heal. This book is an accessible and relatable guide to self-regulation and healing. It's a must read for anyone suffering from experiences they think they can’t overcome alone."

- Karina Ayn Mirsky, MA, Author of Make a Difference & Make a Living Teaching Yoga: the secret to transforming lives while supporting yourSelf.

"Lauren is a gifted writer and wise soul who offers a compass for life, one that will guide you out of the stress and trauma and difficulties and detours that you face. She offers a way out by taking you deeper inside yourself to heal so you can discover real freedom, the kind that lasts a lifetime and makes every day a wild, wonderful adventure."

 - Regina Brett, NYT bestselling author of God Never Blinks

"Lauren Walker’s superpower is to blend insights from traditional and contemporary healing into an accessible and effective self-healing practice: Energy Medicine Yoga.  My favorite quote from this book: “To release any event and move on, every point of the star must be illuminated. Every story, every stress or trauma, has a bit of fear, anger, anxiety, worry and grief. And to get beyond it, you must have a bit of courage, assertiveness, inspiration, love and faith.”


- Ellen Meredith, author of The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine, and Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change.

"Lauren Walker brings in elemental correlates (air, fire, water) and uses yoga to unravel the tangled emotional paralysis of PTSD."

- Loren Fishman, author of Healing Yoga and Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis

"In this book Lauren Walker eloquently reminds us that our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal, that they contain boundless energy, and that we can harness it intentionally. She provides many vivid examples of how we instinctively turn to energy, using interventions as simple as massaging a sore muscle or humming a soothing tune. Yet energy techniques can also be used to unblock the trauma we all experience. It's stored in your body's muscles, organs and connective tissue as energy. Unless we release that trauma, it weighs down both our bodies and minds. The book's central chapters are based on the Chinese medicine Five Elements model, and each contains practical exercises to free old energy and refresh the new. Energy needs to move, and the exercises the author provides show you how to open up space in your body for that movement. Because each of us has so much control over our personal energy, it's the first place to focus on when our intention is to heal a disease, manifest abundance, or cultivate happiness. This inspiring book shows you how."


- Dawson Church, best-selling author of The Genie in Your Genes

"In Energy to Heal, Lauren Walker presents a wealth of insightful knowledge and practical application in one of the most reader-friendly styles I have seen for a book of this type of subject matter. It is clearly evident, through her precise explanations, that Lauren is deeply steeped and well experienced in energy medicine, yoga and the 5 Elements model of physical, mental and emotional energy dynamics, and thanks to that experience she is able to provide generous amounts of practical information that is readily accessible and relatable to those of us who are new to what she is sharing. And when combined with the abundant practices designed to work directly with these energy dynamics, we quickly realize that it’s fully within our power to embrace and embody the energy to heal in our own lives. This is a book I will return to in life again and again.”

- Marshall Lefferts, author of Cosmometry

"Energy to Heal is rich in practices rooted in science and ancient wisdom. Every practice is lovingly and compassionately offered in accessible ways that will inspire you to nurture and heal yourself; it holds the keys that we need to return to wholeness."

- Tracee Stanley, author of Radiant Rest and Empowered Life Self Inquiry Oracle Deck

"You might take yoga classes or even be a yoga teacher.  And you may understand the concept of energy.  But The Energy to Heal will disrupt even your subtlest and deepest assumptions of energy and dislodge what beliefs you accept about trauma.  More importantly, through practical techniques, The Energy to Heal will help you to unbridle any trauma that has lodged itself in your body. Yoga can be a large part of this experience, or you don’t have to do one yoga pose for Lauren’s book to work – emotionally and physically – to change the patterns in your body from trauma to joy. As those patterns in your energy change, the changes in your energy will affect the people around you, and your life will change.  Welcome to feeling empowered, untethered, and free to live the life you long for!”

- Dondi Dahlin, Bestselling author of The Five Elements

"A breast cancer diagnosis and a recurrence three years later shook me out of my comfortable and happy life.  I found myself in an unfamiliar space filled with fear and anxiety of the unknown. Finding my breath was suddenly difficult. I had practiced yoga for twenty years and taught yoga for over a decade.  It always helped me through my most difficult times, but nothing freed my mind and body from the trauma of my cancer diagnoses and treatments until I found EMYoga. EMYoga is different. It doesn’t ask that I leave my feelings at the door before I step on my mat. In fact, EMYoga acknowledges that I am an emotional being.  EMYoga gradually relieved me from the tension of trauma and in such a gentle way that I didn’t always realize it was happening. Today, the emotional trauma of cancer no longer lives in my body as physical pain or tightness.  My heart isn’t guarded.  I love living in my body again and my thoughts are of the future, not the past.”

- Michelle Waltz, EMYoga Master Teacher

“Finally, a practical guide based on ancient wisdom that teaches us how to feel and heal with subtle energy. Lauren Walker makes the seemingly impossible a simple reality for all of us.”

- Dr John Douillard DC, CAP — bestselling author and creator of where ancient Ayurvedic wisdom meets modern science

“Trauma is talked and written about a lot these days and to some degree we all experience and realize the crippling effect it can have on our lives. Lauren writes with immediacy and clarity, offering her own trauma healing experiences as basis to her explanations of Energy Healing, Yoga and The Five Elements of Chinese medicine. If you love systems, here is a beautifully simple step by step process through these disciplines, that gives a practical and grounded approach to your personal journey. Lauren walks with you on the path, providing opportunities for free exploration and helpful guidance to meet, befriend and gradually heal your trauma.”

-Angela Farmer, International Yoga Teacher; Inventor of the yoga mat

"The seas of life are often choppy, and most of us over time, develop ways and means to cope and function. Then comes the tsunami, and the overwhelming flood of emotions that swamp the mind and the ability to adapt. These are most often individual events: military injuries, sexual assault, heartbreak from deaths of loved ones, relationship breakups, etc. Rarely are there events, like the present, that swamp us all at the same time.  Pre-pandemic, the inability to manage the stress, anxiety and pressure of life was already driving far too many to pills, alcohol and other forms of health, if not life destroying means of coping. Has there been a time when a regimen was more timely and needed than now? Lauren has already forged a pioneering path throughout her long career of providing leading-edge techniques to help us all with natural methods and tools. Stress and anxiety, undigested, are joy-robbers and life-destroyers. Some medical science says that up to 95% of cancers are undigested stress related. Emotional balance and equilibrium come through achieving union of body, mind and spirit. Lauren’s 5E regimen achieves this and is a surfboard, even for tsunamis and for recovery from them. It’s practical and doesn’t require investment in anything other than time and devotion. I highly recommend it to you."  


- Alan Steelman, former member of U.S. Congress (R-Tx), best-selling author of Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road

"This highly accessible guide is just what you need to take your healing journey into your own hands. Masterfully blending yoga and energy medicine, the author shows you that healing isn’t a drug to take but an everyday practice of managing your own energy. By exploring nine systems of energy and the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, the author shares basic practices that apply to all aspects of your life: emotional, physical and spiritual. With this book you can move through trauma and the healing process to fully reclaim your energy and aliveness."


- Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Charge and the Energy Body

"Lauren Walker is truly an incredible gift, as her energy medicine yoga practices allow each of us to move inside our physical form and energetically heal traumas that may even expand lifetimes. As these traumas are released through Laurens exquisite systems, the Universe will remind you how powerful you truly are and provide a flow of positivity into your life."

- Marie Manuchehri, RN, Energy Intuitive

"As victims of trauma and abuse we often hear from others the truth that those experiences are not our fault. But won’t we don’t often hear, is that healing is now our responsibility. In my experience I assumed leaving the abuse behind would be the hardest part. I was wrong, turns out taking on the responsibility of one's own healing is one of the biggest jobs I would ever take on. Lauren’s book “The Energy to Heal” is the practical guidebook I needed. Not only introducing me to healing through Energy Medicine Yoga, but showing me that I already possess the tools I need to get started down this path in my hands, my breath, and my voice. Lauren’s ability to identify the type of healing that may resonate most deeply based on your energy allowed me to focus on the practices that worked best for me. As she says in her book, “in order to heal, you must practice” I closed this book feeling empowered knowing deep on a cellular level that I can heal my trauma, that I can move forward, and that I will be whole.”

- Tianna Madison, 2-time Olympian, 3-time Gold Medalist, Domestic Violence Survivor

"EMYoga has helped me so much. I used to have a lot of difficulty falling asleep but

Lauren’s book taught me easy techniques to relieve stress, fall asleep and stay asleep. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is stressed out (everyone)."

- Nick Urata, Grammy nominated composer/musician (DeVotchka, Little Miss Sunshine)

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