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March 25, 2024

In this 5-minute video, Lauren Walker reveals the missing link that’s holding you back from what is truly possible.  Her own healing journey is what inspired her to create Energy Medicine Yoga®, a magical union of yoga and energy medicine, amplifying the benefits of a traditional yoga practice.  A practice that is functional, effective and healing for all bodies and complements every style of yoga.


As yoga teachers, it is essential that we continue to learn and evolve for our own personal growth.  Our learned experience then shines through authentically in our teaching.  This training based on our nine energy systems, will reshape your life and create changes you never even knew were possible.

Don't miss these key takeaways in Lauren's video
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The hands-on leadership and support in this online training is unparalleled.  Biweekly group calls with Lead Facilitators, small group meetings, one-on-one mentoring calls, and an assigned fellow peer. 


Why should you take another yoga teacher training?  
This training is so much more than yoga.  Yes - it will undoubtedly up level your teaching and set you apart, but it will deepen your understanding of the body as pure energy.  Most trainings include the study of the chakras, and possibly the koshas and the aura, but EMYoga teaches how you can work with all nine energy systems.    


The world wants and needs healing.  There is an uprising, a call for action which has modern medicine revisiting ancient remedies and healing practices.  We are constantly receiving inquiries from professionals in their fields looking for certified EMYoga teachers.


Once certified, you will be joining an international, close-knit, engaged and vibrant community of teachers, who are passionate and find joy in sharing their ideas and successes.


If you are feeling indifferent or disillusioned, EMYoga will inspire you, giving new life and meaning to your teaching and personal practice.  


The world needs this work at this time.  EMYoga teaches specific and accessible tools to help with daily stressors and trauma, plus provides a basic framework to repattern and balance the flow of energies in the body. 

Become inspired in a brand-new way since your

first teacher training!


Join the revolution by learning this new paradigm for practicing and teaching yoga.  Your awareness of the energy flows and systems in and around your body is vital, not only for your optimal health and wellbeing, but for an effective and impactful yoga practice for you and your students.

Here's what recent student teachers had to say:

Tree Pose

“This was truly one of the best teacher trainings I have taken (and I have taken quite a few over the years).  For me personally, it took my practice to another level and gave me valuable information to share with my students.  If you are at all on the fence about this training I would say “jump” and take a leap of faith – it is all and more than it is professed to be.”


Walking to Yoga class

“This is a radical and fantastic approach to yoga which equips us with lots of tools to boost our practices and carry into our everyday lives - Lauren Walker's work with Donna Eden has created a brilliant new tantra drawing on traditional ideas from many cultures. The team delivering this course is great, and so committed to sharing the benefits of this approach. I highly recommend studying and practicing Energy Medicine Yoga.”


Yoga Pose Looking Up

“I gained so many valuable skills in this energy medicine yoga training that I can use in my personal healing as well as offer to my students. This has been one of the best teacher trainings I have attended. Lauren's program gives you an amazing foundation to energy medicine as it relates to yoga coupled with her experienced teacher assistants that you just want to keep learning more. Lauren's video's and lectures are so concise and clear giving me a wonderful opportunity to tune into my body , mind and heart.

An amazing gift you can give to yourself and in turn help others.” 


How many times have you let time and money stop you from uncovering your potential?


Don’t let this be another one of those times.  

This is more than a yoga teacher training . . .  

It’s a true calling to experience your potential to self-heal and thrive by understanding the importance of your body as pure energy.  

Image by Tim Chow

Hi, I’m Lauren!


I am excited you found your way here!  In our increasingly busy world, where our attention is being pulled every which way, we have limited time to do everything we know we should be doing to keep ourselves balanced and healthy, both physically and emotionally. It can all be so overwhelming.


So rather than ask you to add one more thing to your already busy lives, I am proposing the wise military adage of working “smarter, not harder.”  


Once you learn that your energetic structure is the foundation of your overall health, you’ll soon realize how so much of your time has been spent fighting against yourself, as if you were rowing a boat upstream.


The goal with EMYoga is to right the boat, so you are easefully flowing with the natural currents of energy that are working to support your optimal health and vitality.  When your energy is moving in the right direction, your days become more fluid and easeful, versus being in that futile race against time.    


Herein lies the wisdom . . .  In order to create change, it’s the energy that needs to shift first!  By focusing on both our physical and energetic structure, we restore and support the body’s natural capacity to heal.


It’s not just mind-body-spirit . . . . It’s mind-body-spirit-ENERGY!    


I look forward to having you join our community.  




“You’ve always had the power, my dear . . . 

You just had to learn it for yourself.”

~ Glenda, The Wizard of Oz 

22-07-20 2005.jpg

Here's What's Included:

This training is taught online through both pre-recorded lectures and practices, plus live meetings and Q&As on Zoom, both with Lauren and faculty.  

  • A 12-week course (4 modules)

  • Two live Q&As with Lauren Walker

  • Small group meetings hosted by a Master EMYoga Teacher for each module

  • Access to a private online community for questions and practice

  • One private mentoring call with faculty via Zoom

  • Live biweekly Zoom calls hosted by faculty

  • Pre-recorded lectures and practices for unlimited viewing for an entire year

  • 30 CEUs with Yoga Alliance

  • A peer mentor for collaboration and practice

  • Unparalleled support from the EMYoga team

  • An opportunity to join an international group of certified EMYoga teachers

Upon successful completion of an exam, you will receive
an EMYoga Foundations Teacher certification.

Yoga on Beach_edited.jpg

Curriculum Includes:

  • The EMYoga Wake Up Routine - a daily routine to activate your energies

  • The principles of energy in the body

  • Immersive study into the 9 Energy Systems

  • The power of sound for healing 

  • Invaluable, stand-alone techniques to manage daily stressors and balance the autonomic nervous system

  • The EMYoga Breath and Pranayama

  • Meditation and visualization 

  • The importance of detoxification through self-massage of neurolymphatic points

  • Manifestation, magic and miracles through the lens of energy

  • The EMYoga Essential Practice, plus 7 additional practices

This training will forever change the way you understand
and perceive your physical body and how you practice yoga. 

By adding the simplest of movements and techniques into classic postures,
you amplify the body's healing potential and health benefits!  


2023 Copyright: Energy Medicine Yoga, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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