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Unlock Your Healing Potential!

Please watch this 4-minute invitation from Lauren Walker.

Did you ever wonder why you overreact to a situation,

even though you tell yourself you want to remain calm?


Just like your computer slows down and starts malfunctioning when your hard drive is overloaded or full of bugs, you too operate in the same way.


You have an energy system in your body that is just like your computer’s hard drive. It is called Chakras.

And you don’t need a specific, expensive expert to clean up this hard drive.


You can do it yourself!


Yes, YOU, yourself, can locate where your challenging energies are held, and YOU can easily release them. 

Learn to Access the Innate Wisdom and Power of One of Your Body’s Most Powerful Energy Systems.


One of the nine major energy systems of the body, the chakras are swirling vortexes of energy that serve many important functions that are critical to your health and happiness.


Physically, the chakras nourish your organs, muscles, bones, and anything in their proximity with the energy required to keep your body healthy. The vortexes constantly remove stagnant energy and bring in new energy.


Psychologically, each chakra is associated with a theme in your life, such as authenticity, compassion, confidence and more.The information held in a chakra corresponds to the ways in which that theme has played out or is playing out in your life. For example, have you ever told a stranger way too much about you? Or conversely, have you been unable to share a personal feeling with a loved one? That palpable energy is associated with your throat chakra.


Spiritually, the chakras are our energy portals that connect us to the universe. They allow us to access higher levels of consciousness, insight, and understanding. They can help us cultivate a deeper connection to our inner selves and the world around us. For example, the root chakra can help us connect with the grounding energy of the earth, while the crown chakra can help us connect with the divine or universal consciousness.


When our chakras are balanced, we may feel more in tune with nature and the energies that surround us and experience a sense of peace, harmony, and connection to something greater than ourselves. 


On the other hand, when our chakras are stagnant or out of balance, we may feel disconnected from our natural environment or experience a sense of disorientation, confusion, or even depression.

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"I am extraordinarily impressed with the synthesis Lauren has created.  Yoga is, of course, among the oldest existing systems for enhancing the health of the body’s energy systems...  My approach to working with the body’s energies grew out of overcoming my own maladies.  Energy Medicine Yoga addresses physical illness in ways that are much more focused than a typical yoga routine.  It includes strategies for assessing the performance of every organ and every other system of the body, healing their disorders, and optimizing their functioning."  


Donna Eden

Founder of the Eden Method and best selling author of Energy Medicine.


About Energy Medicine Yoga

During an extremely challenging time in her life, Lauren discovered Eden Energy Medicine and was immediately drawn to Donna’s loving nature and her skill at empowering others with the ability to self-heal and experience lifelong health.

Lauren became a student of Donna Eden, studying with her for many years and eventually becoming a certified practitioner and teaching assistant at Eden Energy Medicine.  She also worked closely with Donna on the development of Energy Medicine Yoga, which combines the principles of energy medicine with traditional yoga practices. 


Through her studies with Donna Eden, Lauren gained a deep understanding of the chakras and how they can be balanced and restored to promote healing and vitality.  Combining Donna’s wisdom of the chakras with the traditional yoga science, produced a practice more powerful than either alone.  She has since dedicated her life to sharing this knowledge with others, helping people connect with their inner energy and wisdom to achieve greater health and well-being.

"If you only have time to work on one energy system, choose the Chakras..."

Donna Eden is often quoted as saying that if she knows she’s only going to see a client once, she wants to focus on the chakras. Since they hold everything that has ever happened in your life, the chakras can be the most powerful way to find the root cause of physical, psychological and spiritual issues quickly.

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You don't have to be a healer, yoga teacher, or medical practitioner to work with the Energy Medicine Yoga method safely and effectively. You can experience healing even if you've never worked with your body's energies before.


"Lauren Walker’s superpower is to blend insights from traditional and contemporary healing into an accessible and effective self-healing practice".


Ellen Meredith

Author of The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with

Energy Medicine, and Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change.


Online Course Information

Here's What You'll Experience in Each Module:


Module 1Learn how to ground, the EMYoga Wake Up and all about your energy body.

Module 2:  Learn to feel your own energy, how it flows through your body and holds vital information for restoring your health.


Module 3:  Lean how to consciously move and contain energy in the body so you can develop a relationship with your energy.


Module 4:  Learn why sound is healing and how you can begin to incorporate powerful ancient healing sounds into your life.


Module 5:  Learn about the architecture of your chakras and how and why you want to work with them regularly.


Module 6:  Learn specific tools and practices to help you harness the power of your chakras.   


Module 7:  Learn a full chakra practice for each chakra to clear stress or trauma.


Module 8:  Learn how to continue to use this material long after the course is finished.

EMYoga is a worldwide movement and has been featured in:

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Meet Your Teacher


Lauren Walker

Lauren is the founder and creator of Energy Medicine Yoga.  She’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997 and in 2016 was named one of the top 100 most influential yoga teachers in America.  She teaches EMYoga across the country and leads trainings internationally to certify teachers in the principles and practices.  Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Yoga Digest, The New York Times, and more.  She has released three books on Energy Medicine Yoga.  Her newest book, The Energy to Heal: Find Lasting Freedom From Stress & Trauma Through Energy Medicine Yoga (Llewellyn 2022), was just awarded the Silver Nautilus Award for best mind/body book.

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"As those patterns in your energy change, the changes in your energy will affect the people around you, and your life will change.  Welcome to feeling empowered, untethered, and free to live the life you long for!"


Dondi Dahlin

Bestselling author of The Five Elements

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Your satisfaction is our priority! 

If you aren't 100% happy within the first 14 days, simply email us at for a full refund.  No questions asked.

Check Out Our Amazing
Worth over $1500

Image by Tony Reid

Experience a unique Chakra Retreat with Lauren. Recorded LIVE at the beautiful Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana.


This video material includes more than 15 hours of lectures and practices to help you go even deeper into the world of Chakras and how to work with this powerful energy system for your own healing and transformation.

22-07-20 2005.jpg

A LIVE Q&A with Lauren Walker, Creator and Founder of

Energy Medicine Yoga. 

Lauren will host a LIVE class on Zoom with all registered participants on

June 20, 2023 at 11 am MT / 1 pm ET.  Bring your questions and your

experiences to this exciting interactive discussion!   

*If you are unable to attend live, a recording will be shared.  

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“It’s high time someone correlated Energy Medicine with Yoga. After all, both are designed to move energy through the body and the chakras for greater aliveness and well-being. Both are based on ancient, tried-and-true methods. Lauren Walker has done a great job of charting Five Elements theory, yoga, the meridian system, and many other wonderful tools to enter the state of union that yoga is all about.”

Anodea Judith, Ph.D.,

Author of Chakra Yoga, Wheels of Life, and Creating on Purpose.


Your satisfaction is our priority! 

If you aren't 100% happy within the first 14 days, simply email us at for a full refund.  No questions asked.

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Here’s what you receive when you enroll in Harnessing the Power of the Chakras now:


  1. Lifetime access to the transformational course, which will give you lifelong skills to heal and balance your own chakras.

  2. 28 videos, taught by Lauren Walker

  3. Illuminating and informative handouts that you can reference time and time again.

  4. Bonus! Experience an Advanced Chakra Retreat in your own home

  5. Bonus!  Live Q&A with Lauren on June 20, 2023 at 11  am MT / 1 pm ET

  6. An unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial to ensure that this program is a perfect fit for you

  7. Fast and friendly customer support whenever you need help.

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