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Join us, on January 1st, 2021, for a 7 week life-changing course into the world of magic, manifestation and miracles.  Lauren Walker, founder and creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, teaches you how to awaken your inner magic and co-create with the universe.  


Each week includes EMYoga asana, journaling, meditation, reflection, and energetic re-patterning.  Through reflection and release, contentment, inspiration, and joy, you’ll learn how to manifest a life you love, as well as loving the life you lead.


For full details, a week by week breakdown, and purchase options: CLICK HERE

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Join us for an eight-day healing venture with Lauren Walker as she presents twenty-three compelling and enthralling dialogues with some of our greatest visionaries, artists, scientists and teachers.  


We believe that healing the world begins with healing ourselves, so don’t miss a single one of these interviews as we join forces in our efforts to make a stand against the challenges of our current traumas and truths.  Let us begin a collective movement as we immerse ourselves in our capacity to live a life of joy, peace and purpose. 

100% of proceeds goes to Farmer's Footprint

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