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Learn how to teach our Certified and Branded workshops in this Core Curriculum Class : Spread EMYoga, Earn Income, Receive Unparalleled Support

"Workshop in a Box"

Everything you need to Succeed at 

Teaching Your Own


Intro to EMYoga Workshop Training

September 23, 2023

(10:00 am to 5:00 pm ET)



Watch this quick 4-minute video with Lauren to learn more

about this exclusive opportunity for ATP Teachers

Do you want to teach an amazing EMYoga workshop,

but you're not sure about the curriculum or how you'll find students?

Woman at Work

Do you say to yourself, "I don't have time to plan a really good workshop that my students will love?"

Are you intimidated by marketing and creating promotional material on social media?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this

Workshop in a Box

is for you - everything has already been done!

Kris and Blaine from Team EMYoga have prepared everything you need (including a teacher's manual, slides to use in your workshop, student handouts and marketing materials) to launch your first workshop and start making money right away (yes! you'll ALSO learn how to sell without feeling icky).


The EMYoga Team wants to help you do what you do BEST - TEACH EMYoga to others!  So we’ve done all the hard work for you.  


This is the first of our Core Curriculum Workshops, and it’s ready for YOU!


These workshops were created by Lauren and they've been taught by Lauren and eligible Master Teachers for years with proven success!


When you teach one of EMYoga’s Core Curriculum Workshops you have the entire EMYoga Team and Community behind you.


In the Intro to EMYoga Core Curriculum Workshop and Training, you'll receive:

Live Online Training & Teaching Experience

Your 1-day facilitated teaching workshop, includes: 

  • An opportunity to practice teaching the custom designed workshop curriculum

  • Teaching feedback

  • A live Canva demo to help you create custom marketing materials


Marketing Materials

-  Advertising on (value $1500)

-  1 post on Instagram and 1 post on Facebook (value $1000)

-  Promotional copy and sample images to promote your workshop (value


-  A customizable Canva 8.5x11 template flyer to promote your workshop 

   (value $200)


Workshop Materials

​-  Slides to use in your workshop

-  List of materials needed for your workshop 

-  Teacher Manual

-  Student Handouts

-  Template to create student feedback form

-  Syllabus

Your Investment


EMYoga is a worldwide movement and has been featured in:

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