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Lauren Walker On The Magic Of Healing Yoga

The author of Energy Medicine Yoga and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, Lauren Walker, has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. She conducts international workshops and classes for Energy Medicine Yoga. EM Yoga is a tantra-based practice, which teaches you to accept your innate perfection and then transform into becoming your best self. One of the tenets of yoga, she firmly believes in, is ‘Heal yourself, Heal the world’.

Inhaling Peace

Lauren turned towards yoga for self-healing when she had to walk through the rough roads in her life. Lauren says, “I went from one crisis to the next. I seemed to draw conflict and challenge into my life at every turn. My life was a traumaand I was not equipped with the skills I needed to heal myself, let alone others.” She found a healing technique under the shelter of Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine. Eden Energy Medicine is the art of managing your energies to help your body evolve and adapt to the challenges. Donna helped here learn the skills to heal her personal wounds and create the style of yoga that has helped her thrive both personally and professionally.

Embracing Paradise

Lauren is currently working with Donna to create an online educational course. They hope this book would end the six-pack abs, one-armhandstand, and consumer yoga culture belief; and would lead people to the place of self-healing, community healing, and world healing. “That is the real potential of yoga, and if we can wrest it out of the commercialism in which it is stuck right now, and bring its real power to the world, we will all be better for it,” she adds. Talking about her career highlights, Lauren is emphatic that, the publishing of her two books and the current project with Donna are the high points of her professional life.

Balancing Art

Lauren had a flair for writing since early childhood. From publishing her first poem at the age of eleven years, to writing novels and screenplays, to playing in a folk band, to training as a sculptural welder, and wandering the globe; Lauren has experienced and embraced art and literature in every walk of her life. It was during this time that she discovered yoga. The first time Lauren practiced yoga, she didn’t really connect with it. It was only when she was deep into own inward journey of healing that she turned to yoga again and discovered that she found solace in this ancient practice.

Connecting the Community

Lauren is inspired by author and former scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s work ‘Morphic Resonance’ where he talked about telepathy-type interconnections between all living organisms. She also believes, our actions affect each other, and our group actions can have a huge effect on the outcomes around us. She feels happy to have contributed in helping people see and believe in their own power to have a positive effect in their lives. The most gratifying thing for her as a teacher has been the letters she received from people all over the world, which attribute their transformation, healing, and thriving power to EMYoga. “The world really needs compassion, understanding, commitment and healing, and I am happy to be part of a community to offer powerful and simple tools to achieve those ends,” she concluded.

About Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker teaches Energy Medicine Yoga across the United States and internationally. She has authored two books and has been featured in the Yoga Journal, Mantra+, Yoga Digest, and The New York Times. She also blogs about yoga on her website EMYoga.

by Komal Narwani for Organic Facts - last updated - April 27, 2018


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