Yogi Lauren Walker talks to 24Life

Author, traveler and yoga guru, Lauren Walker, is the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga. 24Life recently talked to Walker about her healthy living insights and tips … 24Life: What is your top training tip for working out in the spring? Does your workout routine change with the season?

Lauren Walker (LW): Spring is about getting the “junk” or “toxins” out that have been building up during the winter. I spend time in my practice “expelling the venom” — an exercise for moving mental and emotional toxins out of the body. This can help lighten the load so that the physical practice is easier. I also start to add more core work. As the weather gets warmer, I do a deeper, more yin practice, lengthening muscles, whereas in the colder months, I tend to do a more active, warming practice. 24Life: What do you see as the three most beneficial exercises that people should include in their workout routine?

LW: I’m going to be biased here and say that two of the three most important exercises are from EMYoga. 1 and 2: Thump and Cross. If your energies aren’t moving forward and crossing over, everything you do is at 50 percent capacity at best! After that, I think adding some deep, core strengthening is important. Again, my EMYoga slow sit-ups would fit the bill. They are incredibly powerful and deceptively simple. Even if you think you have a strong core, you might be overlooking some key areas.



Slow sit-up