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The Energy to Heal

New Release from Lauren Walker available for pre-order


Award Winning and Bestselling Author.

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"If there was ever a time for a book about healing from trauma, it’s now. And lucky for us Lauren Walker has written just that book, offering hope and strategies for everyone who feels lost or broken."

- Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle and Comfort: A Journey Through Grief

"No matter what hardships you’re enduring, or trauma you’re carrying around, this book promises freedom - the freedom of release, restoration, and renewal."

- Cyndi Dale, author of 30 internationally renowned books about energy medicine

Pre-Order Gratitude Program

Join our exclusive Gratitude Program by purchasing The Energy to Heal now and complete registration:

Every month you’ll have access to a new offering, which will disappear, so the sooner you purchase, the more gifts you’ll receive!

Purchase by December 31 for the following gifts:

  • FREE online class series with Lauren - Creating the Healing Field. Meet the last Sunday of every month over the next 6 months, to clear blocks, set intentions, and build a huge community of people who all want to heal and thrive!

  • The BIGGEST DISCOUNT for the companion course to The Energy to Heal (84% off the $297 purchase price)  

  • Pre-Release excerpt from the book

EMY + MTns..jpg











An ancient spiritual practice including physical 
postures, breath work, and meditation for overall wellness - mind, body and spirit.

Time-honored techniques to balance and align your energy field, boost the body's healing power, to alleviate physical and emotional issues.

Energy Medicine Yoga mixes Energy Medicine and yoga to amplify the benefits of your yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it.  For beginners and experts alike, it fits into any yoga style. 


Click on the video to the right to take a deeper look at Energy Medicine Yoga with founder, Lauren Walker


We offer classes ranging from 90-minute introductory sessions to 4-day intensive certification programs for yoga teachers. Whatever your level or interest we have you covered.

Energy Medicine Yoga Book

“A wonderful read from Lauren Walker about healing through Energy Medicine and yoga….a must read! Extremely informative and insightful. I love Energy Medicine and this book really hones in on how to use it powerfully with yoga.”



Lauren Walker's two books, "Energy Medicine Yoga" and "The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription" will introduce you to the fundamentals of EMYoga and beyond in accessible terms and concepts that will transform your health and yoga practice.

Energy Medicne Yoga Prescription Book

“If you want to take your yoga practice out of the flat lands and into the majestic peaks that form Energy Medicine Yoga, then read this book!  Get ready for an exciting journey that will transform your practice, your perspective, and your life.”   


Shae Windsong EMYoga

Shae Windsong

EMYoga Teacher

EMYoga helped me take back my power and transform my health, both energetically and physically.

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Yoga

Donna Eden

Founder, Eden Energy Medicine

Lauren has created a brilliant system that draws on the strengths of each discipline, and you are the beneficiary.

Jess Ruzz EMYoga

Jess Ruzz

EMYoga Student

I credit my first EMYoga classes with the energetic shift that helped me find my voice. It has become a valuable part of my physical, emotional & spiritual health.

Susan Gold EMYoga

Susan Gold

EMYoga Teacher

EMYoga is a gift to my practice and teaching. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

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